Custom Lobby and Reception Signs – Different Options, What’s Best?


Developing your brand identity incorporates virtually every aspect of your business small or big. Your custom office signs are part of your brand identity component. The signs are the first encounter for the customers before they visit your business and there is an impression that is created. Your lobby and reception signs introduce your brand to customers and above all; they interact with customers in the most critical moment when a buyer is just about to make a buying decision.

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It is essential that they capture every feeling and perception about your business before the customer samples your products and services. What is reflected in the lobby and reception signs is what the customers expect to see and experience in your business. The culture, cadre of employees, and the communication system are all reflected in the signage.

In order to get the best out of your sign, you need to have it designed by experts who are able to apply both creativity and intuitiveness to present your brand identity through the lobby and reception signs. The experts will visit your business; carry out a survey. They will keenly observe every aspect of your business, from the office décor, color of your brand, employees’ uniforms, product packaging, to the reception service, and model out all these aspects in your lobby signage. In other words, your business is brought to the lobby area. 

There are different lobby and reception signs designs that you can choose from. These are customized to present your unique business attributes. The experts will be able to advice you on the most apposite lobby sign design for your business. The size, shape, letter dimensions and logo colors will be presented in the most compelling way to ensure that your signage is highly interactive with the audience.

There are signs made of aluminum, acrylic, sign foam, or PVC. Depending on your lobby area space and design, these signs can be mounted on the wall or simply designed as standalone designs. You can have printed lettering that is incorporated in the acrylic board to bring out the most eye-catching and easily readable signage. The designers will also establish the most vantage and strategic positioning for your lobby and reception signs. As manager, you will spend less time in monitoring the project allowing you to concentrate on your duties.  This is because; the experts know what your brand is and how best they can bring it out to your business lobby.


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