Digital Directories Increase Property Values


While many people are acquainted with the use of digital signage on the exterior of commercial buildings, not everyone is aware of how the use of digital directories inside those buildings can be beneficial.  Using this type of electronic signage in the interior of an office or other type of commercial building can make a huge difference in property values and the ability of owners to lease out space in those buildings.  Many of the same benefits that relate to outside signage will also translate very well when the signs are used inside.  Here are some examples of practical applications that will enhance the look and the value of the commercial properties. 

One great example of using interior digital signage is the installation of one or more of the signs in the lobby of an office building.  The touchscreen capability of the signs make it easy for visitors to find the suites occupied by specific tenants, or to search for bathrooms, cafeterias and other facilities housed within the building.  Owners can work with sign providers to develop a layout that also includes other type of information that visitors and tenants find helpful, making the interactive signs all the more valuable.

Digital signage of this type can also work very well in a multi-level apartment building.  The sign can provide access to information regarding the location of an in-house workout room, the pool, or the laundry room.  It is even possible to program the sign to include information about restaurants, grocery stores, and other sites that are within walking distance of the building.  This type of amenity can enhance the desirability of the building and go a long way toward helping to keep all the units leased.

The digital directories can also include other helpful data, such as including access to news feeds, instructions for safely vacating the building in the event of an emergency, or even providing information on office hours.  While mounting the digital signage in a lobby is one option, an entryway or even on the exterior of the building near the front entrance can work.  With any of these options, the presence of the directory creates one more amenity that adds value to the property, which in turn translates to greater demand among those who would become tenants.  That demand spurs an increase in property values, enhancing the returns owners receive from continuing to hold onto the property.

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