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Let me start by saying that I love lobby signs.  If this blog sounds biased, it is.  Take a look at our lobby sign section  You’ll notice that each sign is different.  They are different sizes, shapes, materials etc…  In a world where things tend to become homogenized, lobby signs are unique.

Every business has their own unique finger print, their logo.  At 360 Signs we take your company’s two dimensional logo and create a three dimensional masterpiece.  We consider ourselves lobby sign experts.  After looking at your logo, lobby and budget we will be able to provide you with a great lobby sign solution.

Using laser and water jet cutting techniques we are able to cut just about any material to any specification.  However, we do need the right file for this.  Vectored art files are critical to re-creating your logo.  Whether you are planning on making a new sign, letterhead or business cards vectorized art work is a must.  If you do not have the proper art work one of our graphic designers can take your existing file and vectorize it for you.

Once the right artwork is in place it is time to pick the right material.  Three of the most common materials used are brushed aluminum, acrylic and Gatorfoam.  Brushed aluminum gives any logo a timeless metallic finish.  Acrylics are used because of their wide range of colors and finish options.  While Gatorfoam letters are used because of their thickness and laminate finish options.  Our lobby sign experts will help you determine what material will match your look.

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