Do It Yourself Sign Research


Signs are highly customized products with an innumerable amount of options. Your signage shouldn’t be an afterthought; therefore researching the style and type of sign you are looking for is highly advised. It’s not necessary to be fluent in sign terminology.  Once you have the basic idea or example of the type of sign you are looking for, it’s up to the sign consultant to translate that into an effective sign.

This Blade Sign is an excellent example of signage customized to the property's decor.

Not every sign  made or installed is effective and it’s important to understand what makes a sign work for you. I suggest to potential clients to look at signs they like, either on our website or near their place of business. While a sign may look beautiful in the daytime, it may be illegible during the night.  The sign consultant’s role is to advise throughout this process and be the liaison between you and the designer.

Do your homework and be aware of what you like about signs you have seen.  Take pictures of signs that work for you.   Select pictures from the web.  Educating yourself on the aesthetics of signage leads to a product well worth the investment, as well as improving your knowledge about signage for your business.

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