Electronic Message Centers Provide Ultimate Flexibility


You’ve probably heard all about the virtues of signs for your business. You build brand awareness, provide information to your customers, and bring in new business whenever you invest in signage. If you’re looking for one of the most flexible types of sign that you can get your hands on, you’re going to want to look at an electronic message center.

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Chances are, you’ve seen LED signs used by other businesses. This type of signage can be placed in either the interior or exterior of the building, depending on your ultimate goals. In addition to advertising your business, the LED allows you to change your message to customers. This feature might seem somewhat simple, but when used correctly it allows you to reach customers in a way that non-LED signs just can’t.

LED signs are programmable, so you can add messages to the signs. Some companies use their message centers for general information, such as the temperature. Others use it to advertise sales, specials, and important messages. Not only do you have the ability to get important information across to your customers, you can change this information as needed throughout the day, month, or year. Your customers are more likely to take another look at a sign that’s changing.

If you’re looking for an eye catching method to get more impressions on your signs, LED signs are one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. These signs come in many different formats, so you’ll easily be able to find the one that fits in your business’ requirements. Once you’ve tried an electronic message center, you may never want to go back to other types of signs again.


  1. Excellent post Tom. The point about being more likely to look at a sign that changes is totally true – I’m a big fan of LED’s ability to reduce “signage fatigue.” We talked about that last year in our blog: http://www.directsignwholesale.com/blog/2011/how-to-reduce-signage-fatigue/

    Thanks again for the good info. on LED’s excellent ability to encourage repeat viewings of a sign.

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