Four Keys To Attractive Commercial Property Signs


Appearance makes a difference when it comes to making decisions. Customers and visitors look at a number of variables when choosing where to shop, where to dine, and who to put their trust in when it comes to doing business. One aspect that is often overlooked by businesses and organizations is their commercial property signage.

Just as with clothing, the right accessories can make or break a person’s first-impression of you, so can the right signage for your property. A business with a broken or unappealing sign can leave customers with the impression that you do not take pride in your business or do not pay attention to detail in the work that you do.

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Signs have four major functions for your business:

  1. Provide the image for your business
  2. Provide Information
  3. Provide advertising on the street
  4. Provide directions for your customers and visitors

Your sign provides an image that you want to convey. Your sign is part of your branding strategy. It can show that you are a cutting-edge business, that you cater to refined customers, or perhaps that you have a historical part in your city’s history.

The commercial property signage at your business can also provide information. A sign may be used to direct people around your location if these is more than one part of the property they need to visit. It also is a way for people to learn how to contact you via a telephone number or website address.

The sign you have is also one of the best forms of street advertising for your business. An attractive and eye-catching can bring in street-traffic from people who may just be passing-by or are not from the area. This is one of the best sources of advertising for business with a limited advertising budget.
Signs provide directions for businesses. This is especially important for business that may not be on a main street or in a visible location. A clearly defined path to your property can help people feel secure and comfortable visiting your site.

Commercial property signage is a crucial part of any good business plan and must be included in your business’ overall strategy. Just like your personal appearance, your signage must be regularly maintained and updated to be effective. Be vigilant and consistent in evaluating your commercial property signage’s effectiveness, style, and maintenance.


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