Franchise Signs – Deciphering Your Lease


When a new franchisee signs the lease on a new business space in a shopping center, the landlord includes a section in the lease that explains the approved sign specifications.  New business owners often feel that the sign section is a lot of jargon and new terms that can be confusing and frustrating to understand.  Not only that, the franchisee has to try to understand whether their franchise signs will be compliant with the landlord specifications.   360 Signs can assist in translating those sign specifications and insuring the franchisee gets the best possible, fully compliant sign.

Franihise Signs Landlord Sign Requirements

Landlord Sign Requirements

Here is a summary of some of what you may find in your lease sign restrictions:

  • Size of exterior channel letters or cabinet sign you are allowed
  • Length of the sign
  • Lighting required
  • Type of lighting
  • Colors of the lighting
  • Colors of paint
  • Colors of the returns
  • Colors of the trimcap
  • Colors of the faces
  • Specifying whether your sign needs to be on a raceway 
  • Backer panel required
  • Mounting hardware
  • Type of lighting – Front, back, both
  • Hour restrictions for having the sign installed
  • Wiring/electrical specifications
  • Window graphics
  • Banners – allowed or not allowed?  If allowed, for what length of time?
  • Pylon sign tenant slots
  • Monument tenant slot
  • Who is responsible for sign costs
  • Cost of installation
  • Cost of removal
  • Permitting


franchise channel letters

Massage Envy Channel Letters


Each shopping center has its own regulations to insure consistency within that particular center.  If you are a franchisee with a signed a lease and have no understanding of what the sign requirements are, give 360 Signs a call.  We can simplify the jargon and allow you to get back to starting your business.

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