Franchises Benefit From Consistent Signage


Top five reasons that franchises benefit from consistent signage:

  • Instant Brand Identity
  • Recall
  • Loyalty
  • Quality
  • Iterative improvements

Franchise Signage
One of the benefits of buying a franchise is that you are buying an established brand.  Therefore, your signage needs to properly represent that brand.  Consistent signage enhances brand identity and helps viewers to recognize the brand.  Being able to recognize the brand allows the potential customer to identify and recall your location.  Having customers recall your sign and its location is critical for repeat buyers.  Consistent signs also reinforce brand loyalty.  The formation of a strong brand and logo builds brand loyalty.  Seeing a McDonald’s golden arches is nostalgic for some, hence keeping it consistent evokes the desired emotion across multiple locations.  Many brands have tweaked their image over time, but straying away from a brand’s original look is often a mistake.  Keeping a consistent look will also convey quality and stability.  While a franchise may have similar looking signs, making sure they are made from like materials and colors will keep the quality high.  A dilapidated restaurant is never appealing.  Franchises invest a lot of time and money into their look and their signs.  Building a franchise allows the franchiser to see what works and what does not.  This includes what type of materials to use along with color schemes and fonts.  The due diligence put forth by the franchise ensures that the signs they specify will benefit their franchisees.

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