Franchises depend on consistent branding to attract customers to their stores and restaurants. The franchise invests heavily in marketing, advertising, and promotion to establish and reinforce their brand. When customers visit a location, signage is what helps them find the store and feel good about their decision to visit. Many times seeing the signs triggers an impulse visit because of the brand message. While signs are effective for any small business, they are even more effective for franchises because of the power of the brand. Signs are one of the most important parts of a franchise marketing program.

While franchises are based upon consistent execution, signs can be problematic:

  • Sign designs vary from location to location based upon building specifications, landlord requirements, HOA rules, and city ordinances.
  • Signs manufactured by different companies can vary even if they are manufactured to the same specifications
  • Sign installers come in many shapes and sizes, are they reliable? Qualified? Insured?
  • Franchise owners rarely have sign experience and don’t have time to manage a complex project

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