Good Franchise Signs are Memorable


A franchise brand identity is featured in many attributes and these include the business culture, products and services, the communication system, and cadre of employees. In business branding, communication becomes the pillar of the business entity and signage is a facet of business communication. The franchise signs change the way consumers see, feel, think, perceive, and believe of your business. It tells the customer your business name, where you are located and a hint of what to expect of your business.

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What can good franchise signs do for your business?

  • A franchise signage is the first impressions to customers and it can create a lasting impression or a big question mark about your business.  
  • A signage will create an impression even before the customer has sampled out your products and services. Therefore, it can precondition the mind of the customer, to buy or not buy your products and services.
  • Good signage can create confidence with customers and this helps in influencing the customer to buy from you.
  • The franchise signs can add value to your products and services- branding your business.
  • It can increase your returns on investment (ROI) – new customers are directed to your business by the signs.
  • It can bring back the old customers who lost your site location and contacts for example, after a change of office or location.
  • Good franchise signs add consistency in the business brand- they put more weight to your brand name. What is on the signage can also be seen on the staff uniforms, business cards, website title etc.
  • It creates customer loyalty- if the client could not have seen your signage, he or she couldn’t have visited your franchise store in the first place. And because your signage reflects exactly what is in your products and services (quality, affordability, smile, fast delivery, etc), the customer creates a bond with you. All this happens because of that one or two creatively crafted franchise signs.

If you would like to strength your franchise image, you can consult a primed franchise sign design company. This signage design professional firm will examine your signage needs, carry out a site evaluation, an analysis, signage layout plan, risks assessments, design work, as well as fabricate and install the signage.

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