How a Signage Consultation Benefits your Business.



If you are interested in getting signs that pay-off, you need to develop a sign strategy that fits your company’s marketing and branding strategy and maximizes the impact of your signage. Most business owners overlook the importance of a signage plan that coincides directly with the company’s strategy of attracting and retaining customers. Signage plans are best developed by professionals in the sign industry. Sign consultants assist your business through the multiple processes required to get your strategically crafted sign up and attracting customers.

Sign consults generally begin with an onsite visit at your business location.   An effective consultation starts with a thorough understanding of the business objectives, marketing strategies and plans, and of course brand management.   When it comes to assessing a new signage plan the physical environment where the signs are going to be deployed plays a large role in the overall design.  During this process, accurate measurements are taken to ensure your sign design gets the maximum benefit possible from the area available.   Photos are taken of the site so that designers and the research team can properly analyze sizes, and create a visual proof that will later be approved by the business owner and various other required parties. During the onsite visit the sign consultant will be able to answer questions you may have about the signage process.

Compliance is a major part of any signage process.   Compliance with city, landlord, and if necessary franchisor requirements is critical to the success ofyour signage program.  The consultant will perform research on various ordinances that must be adhered to. The zoning of the business location must be established, which allows the sign researcher to determine the applicable regulations. This process is imperative, due to the specific requirements of districts within cities and landlord tenant requirements. The landlord and City criteria are one of the most important aspects of creating signage due to the confusing definitions and superseding regulations varying from one location to another. A sign consultation is an excellent way to eliminate any confusion that is sure to arise during the research and permitting process.

Next, the sign designers will create proofs that are within the scope of your vision, as well as compliant with the City and Landlord at your business location. The proofs allow you to see what your signage will look like once installed. The design portion of the consult allows the business owners to determine if the placement of their signage is accurate, and offers an excellent visual appeal.

Finally, an in house meeting is arranged for the business owner, which allows the sign consultant to present the signage plan. During this meeting the sign consultant presents final concepts, gives a marketing review on the impact of signage, and discuss any questions that may have not been answered throughout the consult process.

Overall a sign consult greatly benefits a company’s long term business strategy, and should be considered when congealing a marketing and branding strategy that will ultimately lead to greater revenue.   Signs are a significant investment, a sign consultation will develop a plan to have them generate a greater pay-off than getting “just a sign.”



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