Layperson’s Guide to a Face Lit Channel Letter


You probably pass by hundreds of examples daily without even knowing it!

A channel letter in itself is just a three dimensional letter.  However, a face lit channel letter is much more exciting, it is not only three dimensional, it is a letter that emits light. The face lit channel letter is the most common illuminated letter type, as the name implies, this type of sign only illuminates from the front face of the letter.  A channel letter is a custom made, three dimensional letter or shape, typically created using aluminum sheet with an acrylic face.  Behind the face are the white LED lights mounted to the back of the letter.  The light is directed to the face of the letter by the return.  The primary electric line sits behind the return and mounts to the LED power supply. The channel letters can be attached to a raceway or you can directly mount the channel letters to a wall or building.  A raceway is a long tube that conceals the electrical wiring for the illumination and attaches to the building and is less invasive to the structure. Many landlords require raceways.


Because they can be custom made to any size and because they are most often illuminated they are one of the most highly visible (and therefore effective) forms of outdoor signage.  You see front lit channel letters on all sorts of buildings and they are bright looking letters. These versatile signs create a professional look that will stand out day and night.





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