LED Signs | Multi-color Channel Letters


Video display technology over the last twenty years has increased at a blistering rate. Cathode ray tubes have given way to LED’s. Earlier display technology needed to be projected, today LED’s allow for a flat display device. The technology evolved from commercial products to consumer multimedia products. Almost every car, house and office incorporates LED technology. Signs are adopting this form of illumination and video display as well.

illuminated channel letters, LED channel letters

LED’s do everything from illuminated channel letters to creating HD quality displays for stadiums and arenas. While the picture and resolution quality is always advancing the structure of the signs have not really changed. For example, giant LED scoreboards are rectangular and channel letters still need to be at least 3” thick for the wiring and components. However, there is a new application combining video displays and channel letters. The new letters from Daktronics are actually contour cut LED displays. Thus creating letters or shapes with endless options of what they can be or project. While previous channel letters could change color and even fade into different colors this technology takes channel letters to a whole new level by allowing images and animation to be utilized.  The letters and logo of the BNY Mellon building are actually cut LED displays. Thus allowing for them to change color and display almost anything.

While this technology is not for every application; the thought of having total control of your lettering will allow countless creative lettering options. One of the biggest markets for this technology will be retail centers and large building signs.

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