Managing Franchise Sign Deployment


Signage is a core corporate branding aspect and it is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Franchise signs can increase returns on investment (ROI). Potential and prospective buyers are able to know where your business is located. In order for your franchise entity to optimize on signage, there is need to seek for recognized signage designers and fitting experts. An outdoor franchise signs can pay-off huge business returns if it is cost effective and captures the entire franchise goals articulately.  Since statistics show that about 30-50% of people are likely to shop about 10 miles away from home. It may not be easy to find you if you have no engaging franchise signs.

For instance, signage cost per thousand views is approximately 80% less than television advertising and about 60% less than newspapers and 50% less than radio advertisements. However, it requires intuitiveness, creativity, and technical skills to carry out franchise signs design and implementation. Critical activities in designing and deploying franchise signage include:

  • Consult – where the company culture, products and services are reviewed to bring out the design aspects of the franchise signs that is able to communicate effectively to the target niche market. The study also brings out recommendations on signage content.
  • Site survey- that needs to be conducted comprehensively to make sure signage fits properly on site as well as estimating installation cost.
  • Risk assessment – to evaluate any risks that are posed by the project whether onsite or offsite. For example, compliance to signage regulations and also risk of installation work.
  • Signage installation- needs to be carried out expertly including the electrical installations.

Considering that a franchise manager has a lot on their plate as they open their location, he or she may not have the time to oversee the sign project. Working with a team of experts from an experienced sign installation company, you can have the franchise signs completed to your specifications and expectations.

Whether it is onsite installation, electrical work, or signage maintenance, the project is performed according to set project timescales.

In a nutshell, a franchise sign will increase your client base, and retain your customers (customer loyalty). Last but not least, if your signage is managed by experts, it will get you out of the risks associated with non-compliant signage that can attract hefty penalties.

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