Outdoor Advertising Signs – Channel Letters are a Great Choice



First impressions mean everything. Your business is extremely important and deserves the attention it receives. There is no better way to advertise than investing in proper signage that draws respect to you as a retailer, attracts future business, and retains current clientele. These days, it is almost unheard of to pass by a store that does not use channel letter signs. These are the most commonly used signs, and if you do not invest in signs that are equal or better than your competitor’s; customers may not take your company as seriously.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Contrary to popular belief, channel letter signs can be extremely cost effective, especially in the long run. Not only does a well thought out and constructed sign act as a form of advertising for your business, but it increases your opportunity for success by enhancing visibility. It’s also extremely important to have a sign that is easily recognized from far away, especially from inside of a vehicle traveling along a road. By not having a clear, visible sign that is easy to pick out, you may actually lose clientele who are unable to find your business and ultimately will go somewhere else. Also, LED lights are generally used in channel letter signs, which are 40% more cost effective than a simple neon light or standard bulb. Costs for maintaining the lights will be extremely low.

Generally when going about ordering a sign, you will request a quote for the costs of designing, fabrication, and installation of the sign. After the price has been understood and agreed upon, you will work with someone who understands your location’s needs and help design the best solution possible. Once the designs have been talked about and reviewed, a permit will be issued to the City’s planning department your business resides in. Once the permit has been approved, production commences. The entire process from initial contact to installation typically takes about eight weeks.

Channel letter signs are the most common signs used in business today and they help you stand out from the crowd working as advertising and helping people be aware of your business and what it does. It is a vital tool for you if you plan on having a successful location. A channel letter sign is an investment in your new business that will pay-off.


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