Outdoor EMC Signs – Electronic Message Centers Pay-off



Taking advantage of local advertising is essential in order to ensure the success of your company. Of course, there are many forms of advertising, capable of bringing patrons into your shop or restaurant, although often times it takes a bit of hit and miss attempts before you find what works best for you. There are traditional advertising methods, such as printed ad and television spots, which can be helpful in notifying the surrounding communities of your services. The problem with these options is, when the potential customers are out and about, they may not remember your ad. This is why an electronic message center or channel letter sign is a valuable addition to your marketing services.

Nothing is more valuable in letting customers know of your products, deals and specials than when they are already out, walking, driving or traveling by some means. These signs may be enough to remind them of a service they need, or possibly intrigue them into stopping by and checking out your establishment. So whether you have one store or own dozens in the area, these channel letter signs and electronic message centers can definitely pay off in promoting the company.

Electronic message centers are far different than a standard billboard and should not be confused with these products. Billboards are nice in the fact they are large, simple and (usually) easy to read, giving drivers the ability to gain a quick insight into the company and what they provide. The problem with these forms of signs and advertising is, not only is the printed information permanent for a set period of time, but you can’t inform customers of new products and sales you have going on in real time. With the channel letter signs and electronic message centers, you can directly program what you want individuals to see on the sign. And, because you can program just about anything into the sign, you can put up more information than just about any other form of external advertising. So if you have a new promotion taking place, inputting this information directly to the sign allows you to reach all customers who see the sign.    You can change the message thoughout the day to promote lunch specials, happy hours, etc.

Chances are, when you drive pass a digital sign such as this, you probably read the changing and scrolling text. However, you probably don’t always read billboards you pass by. EMC signs have more street appeal and communicate directly with audiences.

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