Reception Area Signs Set the Tone for Your Business


Here’s a quick thought experiment for you: imagine your lobby, the same one you walk into every day, but try to imagine what it looks like to someone who has just stepped foot in it for the first time. What does the lobby say about you? Is it clean, spacious, and inviting? Is it bustling and chaotic from the work getting done? Are there lobby signs prominently displaying your logo where it can be immediately seen? Does the decoration suit your line of business?

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In short, is your lobby saying what you want it to say about your firm?

The truth is, a business’s lobby is one of the primary factors in determining a customer’s first impression of that company. Whether you’re inviting VIPs to town to make a big sale, or just trying to attract business off the street, great lobby design helps seal the deal.

The centerpiece of any great lobby is usually its logo, shown on a lobby sign in the reception area. Having a wall taken up by your logo sends a message of assurance and confidence to all those who walk in. Moreover, well-designed lobby signs enhance your brand’s image, and help cement it in the minds of potential customers.

With the help of a qualified signage expert, you can ensure your lobby signs send exactly the message you want to the world. Depending on the image you wish to project, you could:

  • Use a sleek, metallic design, emphasizing your place in the modern world.
  • Design a logo out of carved wood, to give your business a feeling of timelessness and traditional values.
  • Carve your logo in stone, using rock to suggest permanence and strength.
  • Light your logo in neon, making it stand out day or night.
  • Make it colorful, inviting friendly and free-spirited customers to inquire.
  • Show off your “green” side by making it of recycled and renewable materials.
  • Include your motto, reinforcing the logo with your corporate message.

In short, your lobby signs are a vital part of your own branding and imaging. They mark a lobby space as being indisputably yours, and make sure that anyone entering knows exactly what your business is all about. No matter what line of work you’re in, you should make sure your lobby is doing everything it can to bring you those sales.

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