Reception Signs Speak Volumes About Your Brand


Your reception area is the first place to make a great impression on your customers or clients. The furniture, lighting, artwork, aroma, music and staff all help set the tone of your office of shop. One of the best ways to immediately establish your brand is by using reception signs to welcome visitors to your business.

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Reception signs serve several purposes. They announce the name of your business. They may also include the type of service or goods sold, and proclaim your company’s motto or mission statement. Their style should complement and support exterior signage, print and website advertisements in building your company’s brand. The sign should enhance the reception area, and suit wall and carpet color while making good use of available lighting. Some businesses choose letters and/or logos that are a shade darker than the wall color, and applied directly to the wall for a subdued effect. Others prefer the greater contrast of a bright one piece sign. Including a company tag line or special message (ie. “Serving our local customers for 50 years”) into the reception area sign is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of the signs in the front lobby or reception areas.

There are as many different sizes and styles of reception areas as there are businesses, and it is well worth the time to carefully consider the message you want to send with your reception area sign. One important rule for all reception signs, regardless of size, style or color is that they must be easily seen by visitors to the reception area. A sign that is blocked from visibility by desks, filing cabinets, computers, plants or shelves cannot announce your business, build your brand or welcome visitors. Keep your sign clean, clear of clutter and easily visible to all.

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