Restaurant Chains Use Signs to Build Brand Awareness



Brand awareness is the most important tool any business can utilize. Consumers trust brands they are familiar with. They travel and want to see recognizable signs. If they see something they know and trust…they use it far more often and also refer the restaurant to others. Word of mouth is a powerful tool used in advertising, but still falls second after brand awareness. Restaurants need this brand awareness more so than any other industry, and signage plays a vital role in creating this awareness.

The iconic Big Texan Steak House Sign Located in Amarillo, Texas.

Big Texan Steak House in Amarillo, Texas is immediately recognizable to people driving along Route 66. Hundreds of miles from Amarillo on Interstate 40 in Arkansas, there is a sign for the Big Texan. Driving down the road in various directions from Amarillo these signs are prominent, and have become the very brand of the Big Texan Restaurant. Food and cooking networks have featured the Big Texan restaurant on nationally syndicated shows based on the brand awareness created through effective signage.

Restaurant signs are recognized globally as well. There are relatively few people in our society that could not recognize a McDonald’s sign. Studies have proven adolescent children are capable of identifing a restaurant based on the images of a sign before they are taught to read.  A true mark that brand awareness is a driving force in consumerism and marketing.

Your goal as a restaurant owner is to achieve visual recognition. It may not happen on a global scale immediately, but is possible with the proper selection of signage. Your sign is the first brand image that patrons have of the business. A sign that is well done, interesting, and visually appealing will draw customers in, Just as the “Big Tex” image accomplished for Big Texan Steak House.


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