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As a retail chain store owner, you know that advertising is important for getting the word out about your stores. After all, if people don’t know about you, how can they become your valued customers? Signs are often overlooked as being an excellent form of advertising, constantly projecting an image of your company and brand.

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Retail chain signs are especially critical for ensuring that your sign and brand are recognized across all locations. As a chain store owner, you face the problem of having different buildings and different locations. A sign is very important in establishing your brand, and allowing people to recognize your store, whether it is located in a mall, or a stand alone building.

Design is crucial when creating retail signs, making the difference between a forgettable sign and one that is highly memorable. How do you design a sign that will accomplish your goals of instant recognition? Here a few pointers to consider:

  • Be unique. Make sure that your sign does not look like any other signs around the city, so that you are not mistaken for another company.
  • Have good contrast. Contrast ensures that your words and logo stick out against the background and are noticeable to the passerby.
  • Leave white space. Don’t make your sign too crowded. Leaving white space ensures that your viewers can see the words and logo on your sign easily.

These are a few tips to think about when designing your retail chain signs. A professional sign-making company will be able to guide you in using design principles that enhance your business and make you visible in all your locations.


  1. Good design is very important. It is important for your sign to be noticed, especially when there are lots of other signs in the area to compete with. There have been plenty of times when I’ve been overwhelmed by signage. In those situations, the well designed signs were the ones that stood out.

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