Retail Signs | Effective Signs Stand-out From the Crowd


Do you have your own retail business? Even though a lot of marketing is done on the web these days, storefront retail chain signs are still a vital part of attracting new business.

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When making the decision to purchase a new sign for your business, it is important to keep a few vital elements in mind.


Font choice is one very important aspect of creating the sign for your business. You want to use a font that is legible. Depending on the location of your store, motorists and or people on foot need to be able to read your sign easily. Ultra-fancy fonts may look interesting, but not all of them are easy on the eyes.

Visibility and Location

Retail chain signs are meant to be seen. You can have the greatest sign in the world, but it won’t lead customers through your door if they aren’t able to see it. Pick a prime location for your sign not obstructed by window decorations, trees or anything else that can block your message. If your store is set back from a high traffic area, you may need to place a sign closer to the highway to attract more prospects.


When choosing retail chain signs, you want to have signs that are big enough that consumers will notice them. This is especially important if you are located in a strip mall and need to compete with other stores for people’s attention. You can work with a professional sign company to come up with the ideal size for your sign. While there can be negative impact in having a sign that is too small, there is also such as thing as a sign that is too big. You don’t want your sign to take up you entire storefront window. It is important that people can still see into your store.

Cone of Vision

If you get mostly motorist traffic, angle is very important when placing a sign. Remember that drivers typicallyu only turn their heads a limited amount. Be sure to imagine yourself in the driver’s seat when putting up a sign.

Brightness and Colors

It is great to use bold and bright colors to make your sign more noticeable.  A professional sign company can help you choose colors that provide high contrast between the letters and the background.

There are a lot of design decisions that go into making a great retail sign, the time and effort you take will really pay-off.

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