Retail Signs | Five Reasons to Have a Large Sign


Your business’ sign is one of the first things that customers notice. This makes it imperative that it be large enough to be seen and attractive so that it entices passersby to come into your facility.

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By working with a professional sign company, your retail chain signs become a cost effective means of increasing impulse sales by drawing customer’s attention to your business.
Large retail chain signs are a great investment for your business for numerous reasons including:

  1. Large signs are more conspicuous. They are noticed more than smaller signs.
  2. Large signs typically are more legible, making them easier to read.
  3. Large signs are more visible from a distance. This allows your customers to see your sign from farther away.
  4. Customers consider large signs impressive. If a customer has a favorable first impression of your business, they are more likely to continue to be impressed when they shop.
  5. A sign that is larger than your competitions will draw more customers to you than them.

Professionally designed retail chain signs can increase your sales by 12 percent or more. This can equal a gain in sales of as much as $5 for every $1 investment. Consulting with a signage company ensures that your signs are in compliance with local laws and lets you and your employees focus on your business instead of worrying about sign maintenance and upkeep.

As a retail chain, your business’ signs must also conform to the company’s corporate standards. Having the same signage as other stores in the chain allows you access to customers that have loyalty to your franchise. Your signage helps define your company; a professional signage company can help that definition be a positive one.


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