Service Business Signs Attract Impulse Visitors


Signs are the most consistently effective profit-generating tool for small businesses. Service business signs not only help a business to attract new customers, they increase impulse sales and cement brand recognition of your business with both existing and  potential customers.

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As a business you need people to know more about what you can do than is practical to say on your permanent business sign. Enter sign strategy; Signs are perhaps the most versatile method your business can use to communicate. Service business signs can be used for branding, directing, informing, persuading, promoting and regulating. What do all these things have in common? Action.  Which is the goal of a well designed sign strategy. Many business owners might be tempted to add sign strategy to their ever-growing  “Do-it-myself” list in an attempt to save money, but working with a knowledgeable sign company can mean the difference between a successful investment and an expensive “good-try”.

Because signs are so commonplace their overall necessity is understood, but their value as advertising tools is often overlooked by most business owners.

Outdoor signs, such as building signs and channel letter signs, are effective at attracting people’s attention and often, their business. This is especially true when the location of your business is in a high traffic area. Customer surveys show that appealing signage is responsible for half the walk-in customers of the businesses that use them.  That’s a lot of potential customers that would have otherwise passed on by.

For businesses with minimal budgets, service business signage is the most inexpensive medium to maximize returns per dollar spent. When compared to the cost of other advertising media, such as  newspaper, direct mail, radio, and television, service business signs are inexpensive and get your message out 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, service business signs cultivate cumulative awareness of your business and actuate repeat business from satisfied customers.

Well designed service business signs are one of the most cost-effective and efficient investments that you can ever make to promote your business.

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