Service Business Signs | Fitness Center Signs Convey an Image


Imagine brands like McDonald’s, Nike and Coca-Cola. Likely the first thing that pops into your mind isn’t the name or even the product. It’s an arch, a swoosh or a ribbon. These companies create visual images that set them apart from their competitors.

In the same way, a fitness center can benefit from a one-of-a-kind “look” that tells people what it’s about. And for business owners like you, that image comes in the form of service business signs.


illuminated face lit channel letters

Consider this: According to a study, signage was the reason for 50% of first time buyers walked into a store. That’s powerful evidence to the attractive qualities of good signage, both outside and inside the facility.

Why signs?

Service business signs are the first impression your company makes on  current and potential clients. A sign can convey the qualities you want your fitness center to project:

  • Vivid colors evoke feelings of strength and power.
  • Smooth lines make people think of the contours of lean body.
  • Logos and other artwork make instantly clear what customers can expect inside.
  • Neon or other creative lighting elements draw eyes to the sign, especially at night.

Do signs work?

Definitely. According to a survey of business owners conducted by the University of Cincinnati, 64% of respondents said that new signs had increased their sales by about 12%.

A majority also agreed that signage was effective in making a business stand out and in reinforcing an image.

Other benefits

  • Well-designed, professionally produced service business signs indicate your commitment to both your business and to the community.
  • You can “spin off” your signage into take-away promotions like T-shirts and mugs, providing an additional source of promotion and revenue.

Next steps

Service business signs are only as effective as the partnership between you and your vendor. Working with an established and proven sign company is the best way to realize your vision for your fitness center.

To that end, an ideal sign company will prove its expertise covering both the conceptual and technical details of sign creation and the compliance issues associated with sign posting in your community. You can depend on them for project management, site surveys, post-installation services and maintenance.

Ultimately, your sign company will help you realize your ultimate goal – getting bodies through the door and into a fitness program.

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