Sign Compliance – Relationships with the City Pay Off


If you’ve heard that sign compliance is a big issue when you’re upgrading your corporate signage, then you’ve heard right. As with any improvements and issues in the public domain, most cities have strict regulations, and a lot of red tape to go through, when it comes to ensuring that businesses have compliant signage.

Ignoring the issue of compliant signage is more trouble than it’s worth though – you could wind up with a fine, or have to take down your expensive new signage altogether!

The answer, as with so many things in business, lies not in what you know, but who you know.

Working with a signage company has numerous benefits when it comes to ensuring that your signage is compliant, and that you don’t get in any trouble for non-compliant signage.

Those benefits include:

  • In depth knowledge of city laws and bylaws. Most good sign companies will already know what is allowed, and what is not, and can advise you accordingly.
  • Relationships with the city officials who make signage decisions is another benefit, and can make getting meetings about custom signage easier, and quicker, and get your plan approved faster.
  • Knowledge of the process of getting approval is another big plus when it comes to working with a reputable signage company. They know what forms to fill in, and how, and who they need to go to. So you don’t have to worry about forms being returned because they’re incomplete or incorrect.
  • Another benefit of their existing relationships, when working with an established sign company, is that they will often get an unofficial warning from the people in the know, if there’s a problem with your application – as they say, forewarned is forearmed!
  • Many cities will only issue sign permits to registered sign companies and in some cases electrical sign permits require a licensed master electician sign off for approval of the permit.

Getting your signage plans approved, and compliant signage up, is usually as complex as any other instance when you need to get city approval.  That’s precisely why busy business owners should make sure that they are working with an established, reputable signage manufacturer, who can help speed the process along, and smooth out any bumps along the way.


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