Sign Compliance – Why HOAs Matter


When investing in signage for your business, your goal is to promote your business so that sales are encouraged and the location is easily distinguished.  At the same time, however, you should be aware of restrictions that might apply to your business locations including how signs are to be constructed and displayed.  In some cases, local homeowner associations may have compliance guidelines or restrictions that could apply to your place of business.

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Homeowner’s Associations have sometimes been labeled as difficult to work with and occasionally unreasonable in their demands.  Nonetheless, if your business location falls into an area that requires approval from a homeowner’s association, it is important to work with the HOA in order to avoid any bad press for your business and to avoid any legal issues with the HOA in the future.

From the HOA point of view, their goal is to retain or improve the property value of homes and businesses in the area.  One important way to keep property values at or above current levels is to present an aesthetically pleasing view of the properties, which can include a consistent “look” for any commercial signage for businesses.  Some HOA’s may want businesses to construct signs using a particular material such as brick.  Other HOA’s may want the height of the sign not to exceed a certain level.  And other HOA’s may want to regulate the color, font size, lighting, and other features of your signs.  While these restrictions could be difficult in some situations, it is important to understand the position and goal of the HOA so that you can work with them on your sign presentation.

As a business owner you will have to orchestrate a balancing act between the goals for your commercial signage and the restrictions or guidelines that may exist at the local levels.  Working with an experienced commercial sign company can help you to navigate the sometimes challenging HOA sign compliance rules.  Often meeting with an HOA representative with a signage plan can help smooth the potential issues that may occur.  With advance approval from the HOA, you can feel more confident that you can reach your signage goals with ease.


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