Sign Compliance – Your Challenge as a Property Owner


Sign Compliance  — Your challenge as a property owner!

There is little doubt that, as a property owner, you face a challenge when it comes to appropriate signage for your building (or buildings).  Whether you have a commercial property, a retail establishment, a restaurant, a school, a hospital, an apartment complex or condominiums, the regulations placed upon you by local ordinances, safety codes, ADA requirements or other controlling agencies, demand careful attention to detail.

Aluminum monument sign

Lillibridge Monument Sign

Where to start?

Perhaps your best starting place is in your own mind!  Ask yourself, “What is it I want the signage in and around my property to convey?  Do I want the signs to tell my customers or consumers what to do, or do I want them to gently direct the customers to appropriately utilize the facility and to assure themselves and others of the safety they deserve.

The next step!

With all the regulations you face the next step is to find the best possible signage company, one who knows the regulations, understands your potential clientele and has the capacity to create and install the kind of signage that will meet all of your needs and present a message of a friendly reminder rather than a demand for action.

How will we do that?

With a team of signage experts we will work with you to create a package that meets all of the requirements for size, placement and content, always attentive to the tone and the feel of the message that the signage conveys.

A key element of our signage package will be consistency to assure that your property will be recognized from building to building, from location to location, or from state to state, if that is your need.  Among the items that our team will help you choose to convey your message will be:

  •  color
  •  font
  •  logos
  •  graphics
  •  borders
  •  lighting
  •  and anything else you want us to consider!

After all, it is your property!  We will just be there to help you meet all of the compliance codes, give your customers and consumers the appropriate directions, and make them feel welcome on your property!

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