Sign Tips | Smartphone Apps for Signs


Cell phones are becoming things of the past.  Today’s smart phones and tablets have effectively rendered the cell phone obsolete.  Smart phones and tablets allow the user to access almost anything, anywhere at any time.  Tablets and smart phones also offer a wide variety of applications users can utilize on the go.  When on a job or doing a survey I have found a couple of good phone apps for the sign trade. 

 smartphone app for signs


When working with interior signs the Level app by iHandy is a great tool.  The level app has a bubble level that is accurate enough for field measurements and any final adjustments.  This application is free and I highly recommend it. 

smartphone app for sign measuring

Smart Measure by Smart Tools co. is another great measuring application.  This app allows the user to find heights of distance objects.  While this application is not accurate to the inch, it is a great way to measure the heights of pylon signs and buildings. 

smartphone paint color app

The Benjamin Moore Color Capture application is a time saver and great addition to your phone.  The application allows you to view the Benjamin Moore color catalog.  There is also a color match function where the application will try the match the color in the picture (not always super accurate). 

smartphone flashlight app


Phone applications are definitely tools with using.  Not every app works 100%, but for the most part they are handy.  My favorite app is the very simple flash light app.  It is amazing how often I use this application at home and on the jobsite.    

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