Signage Content Should Represent Your Business


Sign design should be as targeted to your audience as a TV or print advertisement.  When people hear the word dentist, flurries of emotions are conjured up. For most, sitting in a dentist chair is last on the list of life experiences.  Due to this fear, rational or not, image is everything.  Many dental offices cater to a particular market segment such as children, cosmetic dentistry,or general practice and their signs should reflect a comforting image to the audience they are trying to attract.

Here are some Examples of Dentist Signs:

 This sign reflects the idea that soothing and legible signage works best for dental offices. 

Here is an example of a pediatric dentistry sign.  While the sign is colorful and playful, it is too cluttered and extremely hard to read.  Signs can be fun, but more importantly they need to be legible.




This sign is definitely more refined and plays to an entire family vs. just children.  Typically cosmetic dentistry is not covered by health insurance, thus a distinctive sign is important to attract clients that are making a discretionary purchase.  The coloring of this logo is very soothing with the grey and green tones.  The logo is also unique enough to stand out, which allows for the logo to help separate Family Tree from similar dental practices.

Making sure your signage fits your demographic is important.  If you are trying to attract a younger crowd, then color and fun play a big role.  However, adults wouldn’t respond as well to this theme.


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