Signage is a Key Part of Your Brand


McDowell's Restaurant SignsDifferentiating your sign from you competitors allows you to break away from the heard.  While in most cases this is a good thing, sometimes having a similar sign can be helpful.  When thinking of two companies with similar products and signs I cannot forget McDowell’s.  McDowell’s was a fictional restaurant in the movie Coming to America.   McDowell’s was a McDonald’s knock off. 

Instead of the Big Mac, they served the Big Mic.  While McDowell’s was meant to be a joke, there are definite benefits to mimicking your competition.   Using like colors and themes helps consumers know what you are selling.  Common themes used are; wording, colors and shapes of signs.  Most businesses in the beginning stages, especially restaurants, use pictures of their foods in their signage.  If you are opening a new business it is wise to stick with the status quo.

  Once your brand is established, you can display your brand for recognition.  Creating a recognizable brand is extremely difficult.  Brands need to be cross referenced with like companies in your industry as well as companies who may have similar themes.  Cross referencing your brand is paramount to your brand’s success.  Your brand needs to represent your company as well as convey to consumers who you are.  When you see as Shell logo you know it is a gas station.  Let’s say you used a similar logo for your seafood restaurant somewhere near the Gulf Coast.  If Shell Oil has a spill it may evoke negative feelings from customers.  Essentially the key to any brand is to evoke a positive emotion from your sign or logo. 

When creating your brand keep in mind there are a lot of intangibles and be sure to do you due diligence! 

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