Signs Austin | Aluminum Letter Signs – Three Tips


Nothing looks more elegant than a solid aluminum sign on a lobby or business wall.   Whether it is a natural brushed finish or painted corporate colors, the grain of the material shows through.   Even from 10 feet away you can tell the difference of a metal sign vs. acrylic or plastic sign.

The major choices you have for a lobby sign are:

  1. Natural vs. painted
  2. Flush mount vs. spacer mount
  3. Thickness

Many clients with colorful logos still choose to have their lobby signs finished with a natural brushed look.   Others paint the aluminum to match their standard colors.

Letter depth produces the shadowing that makes dimensional letters impactiful.  Thinner letters look better on spacers where as thicker letters can be mounted directly to the wall and still provide plenty of depth.

The choice on thickness is really a matter of personal taste, but will have a significant impact of the investment required.   Many lobby signs are 1/4″ or 1/2″ thick, whereas exterior signs will be an inch or more thick.

Regardless of which way you go on these decisions, aluminum letter signs will be a beautiful addition to your building or lobby.

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