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The percentage of the population over 65 continues to grow.  New assisted living centers are being built everwhere and creating proper signage is import for residents and visitors.

Post and panel signs are an effective way for residents and visitors to find your assisted living center.  These signs can be illuminated and visible from multiple locations.  Once inside your assisted living center or community finding your way can be difficult and confusing.  Large lettering in conjunction with maps and directions can make monument signs a great guiding tool.  Way finding signs are another guide to help people navigate retirement communities and parking facilities.  Parking lot signs also allow visitors and residents to determine which parking areas to use and how to get there.  Handicap parking signs and visitor parking are two examples of necessary parking lot signage.  Channel letters also helps residents and visitors find the facility.  A community’s name, entrances and exits can be spelled out using illuminated signs.  LED signs can be used as an informational or advertising tool.

Exterior graphics also help identify where offices and residents are located.  If a community is having a special event or program, banner signs can be an effective tool to convey a message.  Vehicle graphics can help identify staff vehicles and emergency vehicles.  As competition for retirement communities increases, vehicle wraps are an effective advertising tool.

The key to any assisted living center or residential atmosphere is visibility.  At 360 Signs we can meet any of your needs.  We can customize any signage from the large post and pylon signs to custom banners for your next event.

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