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We incorporate LED lighting in all our front and reverse lit channel letters.  Neon definitely can be beautiful and today’s LED’s do not replicate the exposed neon look.  However, in a channel letter the visual appearance is virtually identical.

LED channel letters typically are only three inches deep, while their neon cousins are five inches.  On a building you can hardly tell the difference, but you save roughly ten percent on material costs.  Also, the shallower channel letter can allow for easy access.  Because LED are low voltage, the power line can run through a small hole in the wall for each letter.   Neon is high voltage and requires two large holes for power for each letter.  LEDs can be installed faster and do less damage to the building.   LED’s also require about six to ten times less energy than neon.  While this is not an immediate saving, over a year or five years the numbers really do start to add up.  Savings on maintenance is another added LED bonus.  Since glass tubing and gas are not required to illuminate LED channel letters, replacing a burned out LED is simple.   LED power supplies are much smaller and easier to replace than neon transformers.   Neon can last up to ten years until it needs to be serviced or replaced.  LED’s will last over one hundred thousand hours, or eleven years if they are left on around the clock.

Exposed neon will continue to be used due to its unique look.  Currently LEDs cannot mimic this.  However, in channel letters LEDs are a better option for many reasons.  Whether you’re looking for a new LED sign or looking to upgrade your old neon sign 360 Signs can work with you to create a unique sign to meet your needs.

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