Signs Austin | Color Choices for Your Sign


Often your custom interior sign, exterior sign, vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics are the first thing people see that is associated with your business, so a professional-looking sign is critically important.

The use of contrasting colors when designing your sign is vital. Text color with a contrasting background can increase the impact and visibility of your sign by making your text stand out more. On the other hand, using a background color that is similar to your text color can make your text almost impossible to see at any distance. Some of the most visible text colors include black, red, and white, each most visible with a contrasting background color. Readable distance can vary 10% or more depending on various color combinations.

Sign companies can match or produce any color scheme you desire giving you virtually a limitless option to choose from, choosing one color scheme and sticking with it can give your custom sign a more finished, professional look. Bright colors will draw attention to your sign; overuse can take away from your message or make it difficult to read. Using full color print photo is a great way to emphasize a company image or specific service.

Sign graphic artists focus on your message, the color wheel is a primary tool to show the importance of contrast, hue and value when choosing a foreground/background color combination. Opposite colors on a wheel complement each other. Red and green are a common example of compliment colors, exhibiting  contrast, but their values are similar so it isn’t the best when making your sign that you don’t look for a red background with green font (or visa-versa).

Colors next to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and green, make poor color combinations since their contrast is similar in both hue and value. It is hard to see any contrast. Alternating colors, such as blue and yellow, produce the best combinations since they have good contrast in both hue and value. Yellow and black are a good example of contrast of both hue and value.  The following chart lists good combinations ranked in visibility order.

Highest visibility color combinations to use on your custom sign according to the Outdoor Advertising Assoc. of America (OAAA) is as follows:

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