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A corporation is an entity made up of many employees and products.  Bavarian Motor Works, or BMW, has offices around the world.  They also produce multiple styles of cars with thousands of options.  For a corporation like this, there is not one face or one car that can embody the entire company.  This is why a brand or logo is so important.  BMW’s iconic logo is their corporate identity.


Their logo represents BMW’s history in aviation.  However, over the years their logo went from representing aircraft propellers to representing luxury motor cars.  While BMW’s product changed, the ideas and principles have not.  When you see their logo today, you think of high end and performance automobiles not aircraft.


Logos and branding transcend the products a company may sell.  Their brand becomes a live entity taking on the culture of the company and its consumers.  Apple has done an amazing job of branding itself as a counter-culture technology company.  While you see their logo on the back of Volkswagens more than BMW’s, Apple is no different than Microsoft or Dell for that matter.  At its core, Apple is a consumer technology company, but their brand represents something more than that.  This is why their consumers are proud to show their allegiance to Apple by applying a bumper sticker.  It is also for these same reasons that representing your company with proper corporate identity signs are important.

Corporate identity signs are your company’s thumbprint.  With proper identity signs your business will distinguish itself from the others.  At 360 Signs we are experts in indentifying your corporate identity needs and creating a campaign to make your brand visible to the masses.

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