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Lobby signs most commonly include the logo and name of the company.   The font, colors, and logo shapes are usually defined by corporate brand standards.   The choices that come into play are

  1. Location
  2. Size
  3. Mounting
  4. Illuminated or non-illuminated

If the lobby has a reception desk, the wall behind the desk is the most common location.  If you have a large lobby there may be a large wall that would be ideal.   It should be a location that visitors will see as they enter your lobby.








The lobby sign should be large enough to read easily without being overpowering.   There needs to be negative space (empty wall) around all of the name and logo elements.   Approximately two-thirds of the width of the wall is a good size.   While the center of the wall can be the right location, there are times when it would look better offset towards the entrance or entrance line of sign.






The mounting method can be mounting the letters flush with the surface of the wall, on spacers approximately 1/2″ off the wall, or on an acrylic panel held off the wall on metal standoffs.

Generally lobby signs are not illuminated, but if you have the budget an illuminated sign will grab a lot of attention.








There are many options to consider when creating a professional, effective lobby sign.  The team at 360 Signs will ensure your lobby sign creates a great first impression.

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