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Customer service is a value added component to any sale.  Great customer service does come at a price.  Typically the least expensive option may not have the best service attached to it.  Is customer service a quantifiable thing?  At 360 Signs we do not charge extra for great service but we are also not the least expensive sign option.

Recently I was shopping for a pair of shoes.  Typically shoes are something you want to try on before buying.  However, I decided to take a risk and purchased a pair at  I did a little price comparison shopping and while was not the cheapest option they seemed like the best option.  Two days later the shoes arrived and they were a little too small.  The return policy was painless, I just scheduled to have the shoes picked up at my house and another pair would be on its way.  The next day I received a phone call from and the customer service representative asked me about my experience and upgraded me to their “platinum” program.  This included free overnight shipping and instant credit back to my account if something was going to be returned.  Since that phone call I’ve tried to purchase everything through  This was a perfect example of great customer service.  Not only did they take care of their customer but they took their service to the next step insuring I would continue using them.

At 360 Signs our goal, like, is to exceed our customer’s expectations.  To do this we are responsive to our clients needs and take the time to make sure all the finer details of a sign are up to our standards.  If you want to feel what great service, give us a call.

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