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Lobby signs are an extension of your business look and feel.  They represent who you are and if effective allow your customers to pick you out in a crowd.  When we think of a company like Apple or Mercedes we think of a symbol.  Bringing in these marketing cues from advertising or branding into your office is essential.  Computer aided design and cutting edge materials allow custom signs makers to think out of the box and create truly unique signs.

Using unique and eye catching materials allows your sign to stand out and brand itself.  3-Form is a plastic/glass company who specializes in making unique pressed plastic composites.  By pressing two pieces of plastic together they are able to inlay a wide variety of materials.  An example of this is their grass collection.  3-Forms takes organic reeds and grasses and then sandwiches them in-between the plastic.  Almost any material can be sandwiched between the plastic giving you a myriad of design options.  Many of the newer polymers can also be side lit with LED’s to give a glowing affect.  Accent lighting can play a major role in enhancing your lobby sign.  Newer LED lights can also gradually change color to bring your sign to life.  LED lighting works well with the polymers but also adds vibrancy to metal signs as well.

Lobby signs convey a message and set a tone to your clients.  At 360 Signs, our goal is to make your lobby sign unique and express the themes of your business.

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