Signs Austin | Digital Directories Increase Mall Traffic


Traditional mall directories are sometimes misinterpreted by customers who sometimes lose their way and may leave without making intended purchases. Digital Directories increase mall traffic by being customer friendly. Digital signage has wayfinding instructions and an easy to use interface so that customers not only get directions to stores they want, but have a positive shopping experience, inducing them to visit again.

How else can digital signage help increase mall traffic? Digital directories are easy to update. Listings of all stores can be changed in real time. There is no limit to the amount of information that can be displayed, so customers can receive more information about the products offered by stores and even restaurant menus, leading them to be more confident and satisfied in their shopping and dining experience.

Digital Directories can also encourage mall traffic by capturing the shopping audience with flash advertisements from stores, or mall promotions. They can also provide public service announcements, like news and weather, to provide a more informative and interesting shopping experience.

Because they can display advertisements and be continually updated to provide accurate daily listings, digital signage is not only better for the customer, but also cost effective for you. Advertising revenue from a digital directory also makes this sort of signage a good choice for malls.

With competition for retail business continually increasing, digital directories can give your mall an edge on the competition by providing a shopping experience that makes your customer want to come back. Digital signage is modern, attractive and professional. By presenting your customers legible, color-coded, easy-to-read, real-time information, you prove to your mall visitors that you value their business, giving them a strong incentive to visit your mall again.

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