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You’ve purchased a beautiful lobby sign, a monument sign, or building sign with Gemini dimensional letters for your business… so what guarantee do you have for the investment you’ve made?  The good news is that with all Gemini letters you will receive a guarantee for life.  Should a letter fade, break or contain any defect, we will refinish or replace the defective materials at no cost to you, as long as the letters are installed on their original location.

Keep in mind that most signs will require periodic maintenance (click here to watch video) to retain their original sharpness.  Plastic and metal letters will need to be cleaned or revitalized.  This can usually be done by simply using a good dish soap to remove dirt or pollutants that come from the sign’s environment.  Should the face of a metal letter get scratched, the coating can be revitalized using a good car wax.  You’ve invested good money in your sign, it is important to take good care of them.

All of these letters are designed to last a lifetime.  Materials and finishes are constantly tested and refined.  This includes harsh environmental testing such as with salt spray.  These products will last much longer than the life a sign you may install.  Gemini’s experience and testing insures that products are designed to last in excess of ten years without any noticeable degradation of their appearance.  We also know from specific experience with signs that have been installed all over the world that many of our products will last much longer than that.

A great looking sign can come with a great guarantee when you use Gemini letters.

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