Signs Austin | Dimensional Letters


A 2D sign can look great, but the addition of dimensional letters to enhance a company logo sign can really make a strong visual impression.    Lobby signs with dimensional letters look great.

What are dimensional letters and dimensional logos?  Typically, they are three dimensional components of a custom sign design that have thickness as well as height and width.

Typical fabrication materials can include PVC, acrylic, foam, plastic, and metal. In some cases, the dimensional letters are a composite sandwich of two or more materials.  Putting different materials together can be done for visual interest and design effect or for cost purposes (such as using a metal laminate on top of a less expensive material).  The dimensional letters can be routed from PVC and then painted to achieve the customer’s logo colors.

Laser-cut acrylic is used to create dimensional letters with glossy faces and edges.  As with other materials, acrylic letters can also be painted to match a customer’s logo requirements.  When the look of metal is desired to create a company logo sign, dimensional letters can be created from a sandwich of metal laminate on top of less expensive foam, PVC, or acrylic.

Dimensional effects in signage can also be achieved using a routed panel with “push-through” acrylic.  Using an aluminum pan to house LED lighting, one can then illuminate the push through acrylic pieces giving your sign a dramatic look at night time.

You can also achieve an emphasis on the lettering of your sign by using a reverse dimension or “sunken” letters.  Variations of this design can be achieved through sandblasting or carved wood.  You can also achieve this reverse dimensional look by routing out an aluminum pan and placing an acrylic backing inside the pan.  This style, too, can be illuminated internally and is a very attractive way of drawing attention to your brand.

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