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Walk through many lobbies, and you’ll find directory signs that are shocking, nameplates falling down or font issues that look horrible. These are often created by someone who doesn’t specialize in lobby signage.  It’s important to hire someone who makes an art out of directory signage. Remember, directory signs are ultimately a reflection on your business; make sure that image is a good one with professionally crafted directory signs.











Chances are when someone is frantically consulting directory signs, it means one thing, they are late. They don’t have time to sift through crowded names and information. It’s important that letters not be stacked too close together. Spacing is important, as is organization. Leave plenty of room for the text. Austin signs, building signs austin, directory signs, way finding signs, custom signs, commercial signs Lobby signs should have an organizational flow that is easy to look at and information should be available at a glance. Otherwise, your directory signage is too obtuse and confusing.

Clearly defined categories are important to the organization of directory signs. These should be easy to understand at a glance, with more important details to follow. Once the category has been determined, the reader can then find the specific office or contact they are looking for.

Your directory sign is the first thing people see when they walk into your business.  Your visitors will probably give your directory signs more scrutiny than your average commercial sign, and creating a positive impression is important. Lobby signs welcome visitors to a location. They reflect the grace and professionalism of a company. Directory signs need to be well designed and appealing because they act as permanent representatives of your company. Effective directory signage conveys a professional reputation.

Don’t forget about the effectiveness of color when it comes to your lobby signage. Color can help set your directory signs apart, as well as help organize and separate categories and information so that it is more understandable and easier to navigate. If you need to match colors to your particular logo, no problem. Color helps set lobby signs apart so they become eye-catching and attractive. Remember, your directory signs are like a welcoming greeter. Color helps your lobby signs stand out in the crowd.

If you want your clients to be impressed as well as easily finding their destination, give 360 Signs a call and we can create one for you.


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