Signs Austin | Effective Directory Signs Retain Tenants


Have you ever walked into a large building looking for the location of one of its tenants and been utterly lost?  Sure, the tenant may have given you a suite number or a building number, but the enormity of the facility may have brought on feelings of confusion and frustration.

Here’s where the use of directory signs can make a tremendous difference.  If positioned at each of the primary entrances and other key locations, attractively designed directory signs can have the following advantages:

  • Assist your clients.  The obvious advantage is that signage assists your clients to locate your facility quickly and without misdirection throughout the building.  In that way, they are excellent customer service tools that are not an ongoing expense.
  • Build your brand.  Employees and visitors located in the building will notice your signs and remember your company name, even if they are not visiting your office.  If these individuals require the services of a company like yours in the future, the subliminal branding the signage provides can lead to future business.
  • Build customer loyalty.  As a customer service tool, directory signs will help build customer loyalty, as clients are more likely to do repeat business with companies that exhibit a high level of customer service.
  • Increase productivity of administrative staff.  Rather than constantly field calls from customers needing directions to your office after being lost in the building or on the property, your administrative staff can concentrate on more important, revenue-generating tasks.

Effective directory signs in conjunction with wayfinding signs can help commercial properties attract and retain tenants.


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