Signs Austin | Etched Aluminum Lobby Signs


Earlier today we finished an installation for a local business Service Mesh.  About two weeks ago they came to 360 Signs to create a lobby sign for them.  What started as a traditional brushed aluminum lobby sign turned into something a little bit more.

Service Mesh wanted brushed aluminum letters for their lobby entrance.  Many business use brushed aluminum letters for their lobby signs.  Brushed aluminum has a timeless look and adds a level of originality to the design.  Originally for this sign we were going to make their logo out of brushed aluminum and add cut vinyl to match their color variation.  However, during the design process it was decided to use a sand blasted etching technique opposed to the vinyl.  The etching really added another dimension to this sign making it even more unique.  The letters and logo are all stud mounted off the wall with ½” spacers.  Also to enhance the sign Service Mesh painted the background wall a more complimentary color to go with the brushed aluminum.

Lobby signs are a great way to create a grand entrance into your office.  When a prospective customer or client comes to your office this is their first impression.  A good lobby sign should represent your company and brand.  With the myriad of materials at our disposal we can create just about anything with the right graphics and artistic panache.  At 360 Signs we take pride in creating a unique, distinguished sign for your office.

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