Signs Austin | Great Lobby Signs – Part 2 Dimensional Letters


A key component of many great lobby signs are dimensional letters. Dimensional letters give your sign a 3D look because the letters are made of thick materials.  You have to choose the material, what the letter is made out of, and its thickness, how much do you want the face of the letter to be raised off the surface of the sign.  Letters can be formed by routing, sandblasting, water jet cutting, laser cutting, casting, among others.  The fabrication method will be determined by the size, shape, and finish of the letter in addition to cost targets.


Dimensional letters can be made from a wide variety of materialsmetal, acrylic, PVC, plastic, signfoam, gatorfoam, wood, and others.   The letters can be cut and painted or finished to match your exact color specifications.  Letter costs can vary dramatically. Solid metal letters have a substantial look, but are the most expensive option.  A metal look can be achieved at a lower cost by putting a metal laminate face on acrylic or PVC letters.  Acrylic, PVC and gatorfoam are less expensive options for letters, but finished properly can give you a quality look.


Letters can be fabricated in thicknesses from 1/8″ to 4″ or more.  Your choice of thickness will be determined by the size of the letters, size of the overall sign, budget and personal preference.   Too thin and you won’t be able to perceive any depth to the letters; too thick and you may find letters with small openings, such as an “e”, hard to read.


The size, height and width of the letters is really up to you.  Certain materials, such as aluminum and acrylic, can be routed into letters less than 1″ tall.    Letters can also be several feet tall.   It really depends upon the size of the wall in your lobby and the size of your budget.


Having a budget will help you and your sign designer make the best tradeoffs regarding materials, thickness, and size of your lobby sign.  Nice signs can run anywhere from several hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars.  Your lobby sign is the first impression that your clients and employees see every time they walk into your office.  What kind of impression do you want to make?

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