Signs Austin | Hospital Exterior Signage


Exterior hospital signage can save time during a life or death situation.  Navigating a hospital effectively with proper exterior signage will help emergency vehicles, staff and visitors find their way.

A legible and well lit aluminum panel or monument sign will increase visibility for the facility.  Large illuminated channel lettering or dimensioanl letters on the facade of a hospital is effective building and departmental identification.  Parking and panel signs allow hospital staff and patients to navigate the campus and parking facilities with ease.  While staff may frequent the hospital parking and grounds, visitors and patients do not.  Thus, visible parking and directional signage is a must.  Surface graphics will also help direct people throughout the parking corridors.  Solar energy systems integrated with exterior signage will allow for illuminated signage while cutting back on energy costs.  LED exterior signs are a great way to scroll text or convey a custom message immediately.  Banner signs are a great way to bolster recognition of an event or fundraiser at your hospital or medical park.  Custom banner signs are highly visible and can meet many of your signage needs.  Vehicle graphics and wraps are another way to increase visibility.  Vehicle graphics and wraps not only distinguish emergency vehicles, but they also advertise a hospital’s services and brand.  Vehicle graphics are a great way to gain exposure outside the hospital grounds.

Proper exterior signs alleviate congestion and allow staff and hospital visitors to find their way.  There are many signage applications for exterior hospital usage.

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