Signs Austin | Illuminated Signs are More Effective


Do not discount the power of lighted signs. They have a remarkable ability to attract attention and spur the recall of a given product. The gaudy signs of Las Vegas and Times Square have proven this point for decades. The same powerful effect can also reap benefits for your company.

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Businesses advertise in a variety of ways. Some of this advertising is successful and some is not, but it always costs money. An illuminated sign is one of the most cost effective ways possible to get a message out. Around the clock, potential customers are made aware of the location and the services of a particular business. Indeed, the people driving by may not even need your services but the seed for future business has been planted in their brain.

The days of the flashing “Open” sign are long gone. A variety of modern. attractive, extremely noticeable illuminated signs are widely produced. High visibility channel letters as well as scrolling light boxes and flashing LED signs are all available in aesthetically pleasing, attention grabbing styles. In addition, companies are not limited to a handful of pre-designed signs. A professional sign company can design, prototype and manufacture the most specialized of illuminated signs.

Illuminated retail chain signs have been a boon to dozens of industries. The glowing signs atop commercial real estate buildings, the branding of national retail chains and the ubiquity of the hospital “Emergency” sign all owe their profound effect to the power of lighted signs.

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