Signs Austin | LEDs for Illuminated Signs – Green and Cost Effective


LED technology is becoming more and more prevalent in the sign industry.  From channel letters to illuminated cabinet signs, LEDs offer a durable, low-maintenance signage option that offers a new facet to design flexibility.  Costs of this eco-friendly technology have begun to equalize with other light sources while at the same time increasing in brightness.

With LEDs one must be cautious of “hotspots”.  As with any lighting source, LEDs produce a specified arc of light, typically around a 120-degree angle.  If there is inadequate overlap between these arcs, hotspots can strike.  These can be avoided by using the appropriate stroke space, meaning the width distance between LEDs, which is the most important factor in controlling hotspots.

LEDs are excellent applications for the lighting of traditional front lit or reverse lit channel letters or can be used in illuminated cabinet signs or other designs.  LEDs are also perfect for signage that requires shallow cabinets or unreachable locations.  Other light sources typically are too large to fit into shallow cabinet space, but with the compact nature of LEDs, these shallower applications can be effectively illuminated.

There are many advantages to LEDs.  They last longer than many other light sources so you are not constantly having to have someone come out with a truck, climb up and change out the faces and LEDs due to the long lifespan and high reliability.  Also, installation is simpler, which saves the client costs.  Besides these advantages, LEDs are also a way to promote green initiatives and many end-users are becoming more and more aware of this technology and are requesting it when they initiate contact with sign companies.

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