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Lobby signs are typically consist of corporate logos or simply the company name.   They look great and are usually faithful renditions of the corporate approved artwork and colors.   There are some companies that prefer to have a little more fun with their lobby signs.    Interesting additions can be lighting, unusual backer panels, non-standard materials, or motion.

Lighting your lobby sign can have a dramatic impact on its impact.   Typically lobby signs are illuminated by the existing lights in the lobby or are illuminated by spot lights in the ceiling.   More interesting lighting can be push through acrylic letters that have light coming out the face or the sides of the letters.    Lighting can come out of the rear of the sign delivering a halo effect.    With the variety of color and sizes of LED lights there are many creative ways they can be incorporated into lobby signs.

Unusual backer panels can vary from old wood to sheet metal to exotic acrylic panels.    Natural wood can provide an outdoor look to an indoor sign.    The wood can be flat and finished or sandblasted to provide more texture.    Metal backers can be materials with lots of hole or all the way to a grate-like material.    These provide a more modern industrial look.    Acrylic panels from companies such as 3Form can have dramatic colors and textures and can even have embedded plants, bamboo, or other organic materials.    You don’t want the background to overwhelm the foreground, but it doesn’t have to be dull either.

Some of the same materials used for backers can be used to make the letters or logos: natural wood, industrial metals, colorful or textured acrylic, etc.    Some of the materials that are used in interior designs, especially in kitchens, can cross over to the sign world.   Materials used for back splashes, countertops, cabinet faces, and floor coverings can all be incorporated into signs.   Sign companies with certified interior designers on staff, like 360 Signs, can bring creative use of materials to your sign design.

Motion can really make a sign that is noticed.   Movement can be mechanical, liquid, or electrical.    Mechanical movement, like the hands of a clock can be driven by small motors.   Liquid, like water walls, come in many shapes and sizes and interior fountains are self contained with plastic tubing and returns.   Electrical can be everything from blinking lights to full color digital signage.    Movement attracts attention and will definitely draw people’s eyes to your sign.   Again remember not to lose the purpose of your sign with too much movement.

Lobby signs are a big investment, have a real impact on your visitors, and can be interesting as well as effective.   Working with a design team that has a creative bent will enable you to have more fun with your lobby sign.

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