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Businesses are often tasked with the need to communicate quickly and effectively with prospective customers. They must be able to inform a customer of their purpose and provide them with enough information that the customer wants to do business with them and only them. Signs are typically the first contact that a potential customer has with a business.

Signs create the first impression of a business. Good signs typically indicate where a business is located, the purpose of the business and information about the products or services it provides. This information is conveyed by text, color combinations, graphics, logos and symbols used in the sign design. These design elements are commonly repeated in television, radio and print advertisement to create a consistent business image.


Southpark Stone and Metal Monument Sign

There are a number of sign types that a business can use, but monument signs are a popular choice for many businesses due to a variety of factors. These signs are large, structurally sound signs mounted near the roadway, near the business location or on the business facade. The large size and strategic placement allows customers to easily find the business and it raises curiosity in potential clients. This curiosity encourages people to learn more about the business.

Monument signs can be made from almost any material to include brick, vinyl, wood, metal or a combination of these materials. The sign material can be chosen to accommodate financial restrictions, withstand prevailing weather conditions, work with the culture of the business, attract attention or make the business look more professional. The signs can also be designed to blend in with the design scheme of the community.

The most attractive aspect to monument signs is the amount of freedom business owners can exercise in the design. These signs are custom ordered and custom installed. Photos of existing signs can be used for inspiration and businesses can work with monument sign vendors to create a personalized sign that conveys the businesses purpose and products in a professional and inviting manner.

The signage you choose for your business is a personal decision. Every business should review their signage need and determine their business goals and budget. Evaluate the traffic patterns in the area and the lighting conditions. Consult with a company that specializes in business signage. These companies can help you determine the correct sign type and design to meet your goals.

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